IBM Watson TV

Watson in the World

In 2016, there were three new topics people couldn’t stop talking about:
The election, Stranger Things, and AI. 

What people didn’t know, was that IBM’s AI, Watson, wasn’t new.
It was already an industry leader. So, we used the US Open to tell them.

We dominated the media with spots that reintroduced Watson to the world as the hardest working AI in the world. All at a time when this tech was a shiny new thing to everyone else.

So what has Watson worked on? See for yourself.

Watson at Work

In 2016, we showed Watson out in the World.
In 2017 we showed him at work.
We created a slew of spots that gave Watson a distinct new voice.
And we proved that he truly is the Ryan Seacrest of the AI world.

Watson at Work: Security

Watson at Work: Engineering

Watson at Work: Aviation

ECDs: Jeff Curry, George Tannenbaum
CDs: Niels West, Rich Wallace
Senior Art Director: Dennis Kung
Senior Copywriter: Stephanie Cajucom