10 Things I Can’t Do

You’ve seen what I can do. It’s time for me to reveal what I can’t.

1. I can’t talk jargon.
I am a human so I write and speak like one. If you want jargon, hire an AI Copywriter*!

*Please don’t. This actually scares me. Just hire a different, human copywriter. Okay?

2. I can’t hide my excitement.
When I’m excited about a brief, an idea, a presentation, or a puppy walking by the window, you sure will see it. And will probably feel it. That’s the thing about excitement. It’s pretty contagious.

3. I can’t half-ass it.
Whether that it is a banner or a brand platform, I’m going full ass. Wait, that came out wrong…

4. I cannot tell a lie!
Like the fact that I stole that from George Washington. Or the fact that I actually just wrote that to be cute knowing full-well there’s no confirmation that George Washington ever said that! Anyhow, I like to be honest. With my bosses, my teams, and my clients. I find that when you’re honest and empathetic it leads to the best collaboration, which always leads to the best work.

5. I can’t be clique-y.
I didn’t do cliques in highschool and I sure ain’t starting now! For me, it’s not creative vs. account. Or CDs vs. juniors. Or agency vs. client. It’s all of us working together to solve the same problem in the most creative way possible.

6. I can’t stop asking questions.
Why am I like this?? See, there I go again! But really, I have an unquenchable thirst to understand. How things, people, and the world work. Simple questions have helped me talk clients out of bad decisions, talk creative leaders into ideas they thought might be bad, and have made me really, really good at trivia.

7. I can’t be the smartest person in the room.
If I am, that room is empty. I am a sponge. I love to learn, at any age, at any level, and from anyone in any room. There will always be someone smarter than me in something.

8. I can’t stop watching Real Housewives.
We’ve been talking about work a lot so figured you might want to know my guiltiest pleasure. I can’t stop. And I won’t!

9. I can’t stop trying to prove myself.

My therapist thinks I should stop this but me thinks that’s what keeps me hungry. It’s what keeps me going. It’s what makes me want to push past what I think I’m capable of into something I never knew I could be.

10. I can’t take myself too seriously.
This is a very stressful, very unpredictable industry. But we get to do a lot of stuff for work that most people do for fun! I like to remind myself and others that this is one of the most fun careers in the world. It’s okay to be silly. And it’s okay to laugh.

11. I can’t help myself.
I’m the person who buys food for 20 for a party for 10. Who shows a full client-ready deck at the first check-in. And who has a number 11 on a top 10 list.
I just can’t help myself.