Art with Watson

Art is human expression. So, if it’s made with a machine, is it really art? 

To test this, we partnered IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson with different artists to see if it could help reinspire, reinvent and reimagine their artistic process—from concept to creation.

My partner and I paired photographer Jake Chessum with Watson. Together, we were able to take Jake’s constantly growing and, until then, unused collection of over 600 city images and create something beautiful based off of an insight Watson had uncovered.

By processing over 600 images of city sights, Watson uncovered Jake Chessum's inherent lust for nature. From this insight, the art installation In Our Nature was born.

In our Nature was one of six pieces in Art With Watson, an award-winning art exhibit that showed that a machine can help humans be even more human. 

AD: Dennis Kung
ECD: Sid Tomkins

HonorsGold Cannes Lion in Design 2016