Robot Confessionals

Humans may love working with Watson but robots hate it. We created 10 movie-inspired robots to vent about Watson's negative impacts on their lives to prove that IBM Watson isn't a science fiction character trying to take over the world. Watson is real artificial intelligence that's helping people make it better.

The campaign launched on science fiction's biggest night—the Oscars. It even featured some of Hollywood’s favorite voices, Carrie Fisher and Steve Buscemi.

Sinister Bot

Gadget Bot

Overlord Bot

Trendy Bot

Moper Bot

Science Fiction vs. Science Fact: Human Testimonial
Additionally, we created this supporting piece featuring real-live-human and developer Joshua Carr to help people take a deeper dive into science fiction, science fact and the difference between the two.

ECDs: Jeff Curry/Mark Koelfgen/Aaron Griffths

CW: Stephanie Cajucom

AD: Dennis Kung